A new look for Sherlock pack

We thought our old package needed a revamp for the new year.

We wanted to give the Sherlock box a brand new look, making it fresh and more compact, while maintaining all the basic information on how the device works.


The first version of the Sherlock box was a simple self-locking white box with a printed sleeve.

On the inside, a cut PE foam held the device and its accessories in place.

A printed handbook carried all the basic information about the installation and daily use of the device, together with warranty and safety instructions.

Working on the new package, our designer Andrea explored some new concept, looking for something fancier and more solid.


Among all designs, we went for the “sloped cut” concept because it gave the box an original look guaranteeing at the same time a flowless unboxing experience.

We managed to decrease the overall dimensions of the pack, while increasing the sturdiness and weight of the package.

We kept a minimal approach to graphics, but succeded in maintaining all the features and how-it-works information on the pack to better respond to customers who purchase the device in bike shops with no prior knowledge about the product.

The new packs are finally here and we are really loving them!

What do you think about the new design? Let us know in the comments!