A startup screenplay

Scenario: Tuesday evening at the Talent Garden coworking space in Turin. Cold. Feeling tired. The work day is over, right? No, not yet.

Plot: The Fantastic 5 (that is, it’s me that is Francesca, Pierluigi, Marzia, Nathalie and Matteo) meet up. The aim is to shoot the second scene of the video that we need to submit for a start-up competition.

With the help of Bruno Gallizzi the legend, we find the perfect frame and we film.

Here we go. Sherlock, scene 2.

Three young fellows (Matteo, Nathalie and Pierluigi) are in a room drawing, discussing, tinkering with wires. They are finding the solution to modern plague of bike thefts. That‘s Sherlock.


Follows by a focus on the 3 individuals, their academic training, their hopes and their role in the start-up.

Marzia and I take pictures and move the camera, Pierluigi scolds us a little but at the end we all high-five in sign of victory.

We decide that’s a wrap and we say each other goodbye. Next meeting on Saturday to shoot scene 1 and 3.

Change of scenario: a sunny Saturday morning in Turin, on the Modern Art weekend in November.

Plot: In a Vanchiglia flat our 5 heroes gather in front of a breakfast with coffee, pastries and sandwiches. The topic of discussion is the shooting of the opening scene of the video.

The conversation lasts just about half an hour, we all agree.

We go down in the street to film. So far so good, but expect the unexpected: the street is in shade and Pierluigi refuses to shoot the video in the dark, and also there are no spots available to chain the bike.

We move to Piazza Vittorio, which is also soooo sunny and scenic.


As we wander across the square to choose the best angle, it starts to get hot, super-hot. We remove all coats and scarves and continue loaded as camels. Thirsty.

We finally find the perfect angle: Pierluigi puts the camera in place and checks the shot, while I ride through the square enjoying the sun and getting familiar with the bike (okay, I’m as tall as Matteo, but I still need to practice).

Let’s go. Sherlock, Scene 1.

I ride to the selected spot, chain the bike to a locker, and there comes Matteo. Greetings and kisses and we are ready to go.

I am keeping it short, but we shot this scene 5 or 6 time, plus some individual shots of various details. Perfection requires sacrifice!

We’re now at Sherlock, scene 1a.

Matteo and I come back from our shopping. I dig into my purse to find the key to the padlock, but there’s a bad surprise waiting for us. The bike is gone and the chain is left on the ground.

We considered also the hysterical scene with the whole hair pulling and screaming at the sky, but we decided to avoid it. My scalp says thank you.

We decided also to film my bike ride in Piazza Vittorio and on the Gran Madre bridge. This required a long time for the perfect timing between cars and public transport flows. Again, perfection requires sacrifice!

Ok, we are ready to film scene 3 and we head to the left side of Murazzi, along the river.

Here again different shots, costume changes, emotional breakouts and so on.

Meanwhile, we have difficulties keeping the local fauna away from our path: families, a stoner, people biking, running, dog owners.

Sherlock, scene 3.

We zoom on the Sherlock app that locates the bike at the Murazzi. TrustingSherlock (of course!), I arrive at the location with a worried expression, looking at the iPhone. In my eyes, the hope of finding the lost bike.


And there she is! She was waiting for me! I happily take it back and cycle away towards the horizon.

Ok, the video is done, mission accomplished!

Go team go!