Andrea Foschiatti

the versatile designer

“Design is a bat: half bird, half rat”.
This is one of the first definitions I’ve heard, which is both funny and true: design is not static, dogmatic, pure. It is a hybrid, always moving, happily contaminated process; it is greedy for information and generates possibilities.

I feel comfortable as a designer, since I’m ridiculously curious and I love to tackle with problems.
I love seeing things working, whether they are products, services or funny jokes.

During the third year of Industrial Design at Politecnico di Torino, I found a way to be both annoying and good to people around me: follow the sustainability path, attending Systemic Design course in the same university.

I love to dive into books, movies and videogames, but also to scamper on beachvolley and football fields. Drawing is something apart, more than a hobby. I assembled my own bike, which soon will be harder to steal!