Beta testing begins!

This month we started our beta testing on field with 5 beta testers in Turin.

We asked our testers to simulate both parking and tracking conditions to verify:

  • the easiness of the installation process
  • the interaction between the device and the app
  • the battery life
  • the precision of the GPS tracking
  • the device endurance against shocks and weather conditions

We worked alongside with our testers for a week to collect data and useful feedbacks.

The findings will allow us to fine-tune the last details of Sherlock device and mobile app design in order to provide cyclists the best user experience.

Here some photos of the tests in the making.

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now working!

I think that this will be a great device! How’s the progress? I’m eagerly await your device.

Hello! Pre-orders are now open! Pre-order to get your Sherlock 20% off

I live in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil and own a Niner Air 9 Carbon. The frequency of bicycle theft here is getting worrisome.

I would like to keep up to date on the tests and adjustments of the tracker, month of beginning of its commercialization and, if possible, to participate in a new section of tests, if this happens.


Hi Vivaldo! At launch Sherlock will be available in Europe, USA and Canada only. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the launch in other countries. Thank you!

Great ideas – if this works, it’ll be a great relief! Looking forward to reading the test reviews.

Lets hope its going to be a reasonable priced tracker!

Hello Dovydas, Sherlock will be available for sales online in the first quarter of 2017 and it will cost around 120-150 €. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the launch and get access to pre-order promotions!

I hope can buyer soon your gps tracker for my mountain bike thanks Refugio.

Hi Refugio,
Sherlock will be available for sales online in the first quarter of 2017! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the product launch

How can I become a beta-tester, too? I live in Germany, use the bicycle every day. I become very interested in such a product since my very expensive bike was stolen a week ago from my own yard 🙁 I do not plan to be a Santa Clause to bike thieves again!

Hi Dinu, sorry to hear that your bike was stolen. We have now closed our first beta tests round, but you can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on product launch and new testing opportunities. Thank you for your support!

I’m really interested in your Sherlock.
I’ve had so many bikes stolen in Dublin, its way beyond a joke.
They’ve been stolen from College, home, and in the city.

Hope the Beta testing went well.

Kind regards


Thanks for your support Tom!

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