unique piece of bike tech

unique piece of bike tech

What’s in the device


GPS/Glonass module

Precise localization anywhere in Europe and USA

Long lasting battery

7 days battery life on a single charge (average use)


Embedded SIM card

With 2 years of Internet connection included


Bluetooth Smart

Short-range communication with the mobile app


Motion sensor

Immediately detects any bike movement


GSM/GPRS module

Quad-band cellular connection

Automatic updates and check-up


Over The Air updates

With the OTA software updates, your Sherlock will always be up-to-date with any new feature released in the future


Self diagnosis

You can run a check-up of the status and GPS signal reception of your Sherlock at anytime with the mobile app

The right fit for your bike

Sherlock is flexible to adapt to both straight and curved handlebars
Check our compatibility guidelines for more details

What’s in the app

Sherlock is connected to a mobile app
to let you always know where your bicycle is at anytime
and help you retrieve it in case of theft

Park mode

If your bike is moved, you get an immediate alert on your phone

Theft mode

You can share the position of your bike with the police thanks to a unique code

Your Bike Passport

All your bike information in one place, easy to download and share

Download it now

Start creating your bicycle profile right now with the Sherlock Bike mobile app

Questions & Answers

Can Sherlock fit into any bike part other than the handlebars?

We find the handlebars to be the best fit for Sherlock (check the compatibility guide here). You are free to try other hideouts as long as there is still a good GPS signal reception. We cannot guarantee a correct functioning of the device in unforeseen conditions, though.

How do I know when the battery needs to be charged?

You get a notification on your phone when the battery reaches a critical threshold.

How do I charge the battery?

You can charge Sherlock with the provided micro USB cable, by attaching it to any power bank, computer or plug.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life is guaranteed up to 7 days for an average use.

What if my Sherlock does not work?

All devices will be tested before shipping and you will be able to perform a self check-up of the electronics through the app. If your Sherlock does not work due to a malfunctioning of the electronics, we will take it back and ship you a new one. If you need help, please check our support page.

What if the thief finds the device?

Sherlock is designed to be completely invisible from the outside, therefore difficult for the thief to detect. And if the thief tries to tamper with the device, you get an immediate notification on your phone.

Is Sherlock resistant to water and dust?

Yes, Sherlock is resistant to drops of water (e.g. condensation) and dust.

In which countries is Sherlock available?

Sherlock is now available in Europe and USA. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the release to other countries.

How much is the Internet Subscription?

Sherlock comes with 2 years of Internet connection already included in the price. From the third year on, the subscription will cost €3 per month (approximately £2.5 or $3.5).

How do I pay for the Internet Subscription?

At the third year from the activation date, you will be asked to enter a payment method for the Internet connection (€3/month). You will be able to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Can I ask for a refund?

You can exercise your right of withdrawal and get a refund within 14 days from the arrival of the product. For more information, please check our Terms of sales. If you need assistance, visit our support page.