Get ready for the cycling season

Whether you never stopped riding your bicycle during the winter, or you just dusted off your two-wheels for the first outing to the countryside, you must be as thrilled as we are that spring is finally back!

Here a list of our favorites props to get your bike all geared up for the new season.


Beryl has a wonderful set of lights for you to choose from. They are great both in design and functionality. Plus, Beryl is a former startup now B-corp, who believes in building a better world through bikes and we couldn’t agree more.

From the multi-purpose clamp-on Pixel light to brake lights and LED projection lights, you can find the ideal solution for your urban rides. Check out their website at


Unleash your creativity and add some colorful detail to your ride!
Spray.Bike paint is a dry matte powder-coating that doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way. It’s easy to use (check out a few examples on their website) and it’s perfect to customize or restore your bicycle.

Check the full range of bicycle-specific colour coating designed for both amateur and professional use at


Litelok range of super-light and secure locks are the best you can find if you are looking for a rock-solid lock which is also easy to carry while riding. We love the iconic boa green one, but Litelok has now a pretty good line of finishes for you to choose from.

Head over to their website at to see some videos of the locks being attacked with saws, cutters, and croppers.


The most versatile phone mount you’ll ever get, with a nice sleek design. The Quad Lock bike kit allows you to secure your phone to the stem of your ride, guaranteeing both a secure mount and a quick release to attach or detach your phone.

Check Quad Lock website at for a comprehensive list of phone models and compatible mounts.

Note: the products listed above are our team’s favorites and the article is in no way sponsored by the aforementioned companies.

How do you get ready for the new season? Let us know in the comments!