How to prevent bike theft

Every year more than 3 mln bicycles are stolen in Europe and bicycle theft is a critical issue worldwide.

This is particularly true in a world that is shifting towards a new concept of smart mobility, especially in urban areas. The problem affects primarily private citizens and bike sharing services and occurs systemically in all those cities where the cycling mobility is more developed.

Bicycle theft causes inconveniences for citizens and commuters who suddenly find themselves without their means of transportation.

Following some simple rules can prevent your bicycle from being stolen.

And in case precautions are not enough, a GPS anti-theft device as Sherlock can help you track down thieves and eventually retrieve your bicycle.

Choose your parking spot

  • The busier the better: choose a busy place/street to park your bike, better if well-lit and covered by CCTV cameras.
  • Keep it inside: at home keep it inside if you can, in a spare room or garage. Use a lock even when the bicycle is stored indoor.

Lock it

  • Never leave your bicycle unlocked: lock your bike whenever you park it.
  • Use one or two different kind of locks: the thief may know how to break the first, but it will take more time and he may not have the right equipment to break the second one.
  • Buy trusted locks: check the security rating on the lock before buying one. Security ratings are based on for how long and to which tools the lock is resistant to a theft attempt.
  • Lock it steadily: lock it through the frame to a solid, immovable object such as a bike stand or iron railings.
  • Lock it tight: a narrow lock is more difficult to tamper with, especially if it is difficult to reach for the thief.

Other tips

  • Register your bike information: create your bicycle profile using Sherlock Bike mobile app to keep your bicycle information all in one place.
  • Take pictures of your bicycle: add pictures to your bicycle profile on Sherlock Bike mobile app to demonstrate the ownership of the bicycle.

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Why do bicycle locks have to be so heavy and cubersome.

How much is the annual fee after the two year period?

Is there a contractual time limit or can it be cancelled st any point?

Can it be used in England, UK ?

My son is 13 and I am interested in this in case someone pushes him off his bike and steals it

Hello Joy, sorry we missed your comment. The annual fee from the third year will be 3€/month and there is no contractual time limit. It can be surely used in UK.

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