New firmware and app updates

Sherlock firwmare and apps are now updated with new features!

After several weeks of testing and more than 400 hours of stress tests we proudly released new firmware and app updates that fix several bugs for both Android and iOS customers.

Make sure you have the latest version installed to enjoy Sherlock improved functionalities!

What’s new

  • Improved device responsiveness for Bluetooth connection
  • New device diagnostic test
  • Battery level update at Sherlock installation
  • Sherlock status saved in the device memory to avoid power supply failures
  • Removal of the soft-reset feature (the device now manages all paired smartphones automatically)
  • Sherlock PIN code now securely saved on our side (ping our support if you forget it)
  • Low battery notifications sent at 15%

First, download the app update

Check your app store and download the latest version (2.3.0) for the Sherlock Bike app on Android or iOS.

Second, update Sherlock firmware

Click on your bicycle profile in the main screen of your Sherlock Bike app in order to access your device information.

Check the firmware version and update it to the latest version (1.1.1).

Useful Tip

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your smartphone settings before proceeding with the update

Note for iOS 11+

Starting with iOS 11.1, Apple changed the protocol for Bluetooth communication. If you updated the operating system on your iPhone, you could run into the error “Bluetooth is powered off” even when the Bluetooth is already active. We are currently testing a new app update to fix this issue.

Check our knowledge base for the list of smartphones tested with the Sherlock Bike app.

Let us know in the comments if you have a different kind of smartphone, successfully tested with the app! For any issue with the updates, please contact our support center.

Comments (4)

The Sherlock is a great idea but has some major drawbacks. The ability to set off an alarm when the bike is moved is great…EXCEPT:

Most bikes are attached to a common bike rack. When someone else is locking or unlocking their bike from the same communal rack and shakes my bike, the alarm goes off. I can open the app to track the bike and see it isn’t moving, but the only way to reset the alarm is to go out to my bike and get within Bluetooth range to reset the alarm. After two or three of these false alarms, I just stopped resetting the alarm because it is just too much of an inconvenience. There should be a way to reset the alarm through the app via the cell connection. This should be a priority item to fix if this is ever going to be a truly useful tool.

Had a lot of trouble to even connect to the Sherlock. I was using a Samsung S5 and an Iphone 6 with little success. I managed finally after upgrading to a Samsung S8+ wihich has the newer Bluetooth 5.0. I will test tracking tomorrow. A tip! Use black electrical tape to tape down the lid. The lid design is very poor. Also tape around the inner most part on the Sherlock to secure it better. I tried Renthal and Raceface handlebars and both were too wide

Sony XPeria XCompact, Android 7.1.1 with last updates (sec.bul. 1st Nov. 2017). After some help it is working. In settings – battery – optimization there has to be forced to NOT optimize Sherlock app.

The barcode scanner has poor recognition – maybe some focusing abilities and lamp option would be helpfull. Also if the IMEI is once written, it could be nice if the app remembers it and only serve the possibility to correct it (now it has to be written every time till the initial pairing finishes right).

There is one glitch – during initial pairing (after loading) you are noticed by Android to enter the PIN. Now you have to be QUICK or the process will fail and you have to start it again from the beginning (write down/scan the IMEI again, etc.).

After all, it is working well. Device test went ok. Thanks to Stefano from Sherlock support for help.

Thank you for your feedback Adam!

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