Pre-orders are open!

We just opened Sherlock pre-orders on our website!

You can now pre-order Sherlock with a 20% discount on the final price, with delivieries starting in May.

If you have any doubt on Sherlock functionality, please check the answers to the frequently asked questions and the service availability zones.

If you have any doubt write here in the comments and we will be happy to give you more details!

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Hi, is this product able to be used in New Zealand. If so, I have a daughter visiting Germany atm and could pick one up for us.

Hello Kim, Sherlock location service is available only in Europe and USA at this time. Please check the availability zones here

hi. how much for internet connection after 2 years?

Hello, the connection will be 3€/month from the third year on.

Is it possible to use our own sim card? In case travelling outside of Europe or US…

Hello Tony, sorry but it is not possible to replace the SIM card inside Sherlock.

Hello, is Sherlock able to handle rough conditions… (ex downhill bike)

Hello Nikos, Sherlock has been tested also on rough paths but you’ll need to tight it firmly into the handlebars to prevent it from falling out.

How much will it be in English £ please and could it be used for a motorbike.

Hi Jo! It would be 100£ + shipping. Sherlock is designed for bicycles and it has not been tested on motorbikes.

Does this device available in the philippines?
What is the price of this device ?

Hello Jason,
Sherlock is now available in Europe and USA only. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the availability zones!

Francis Grefford

Does this device will also be available in Canada, wich is often part of the USA ?
What’s the price of this device ?

Reply to:

Hi Francis! Unfortunately Sherlock is not available for shipping to Canada at this time. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the availability zones.

Will preorders definitely be shipped on the 1st May?

Hi Wilson! Pre-orders delivery will begin in May, with priority according to the time of purchase. The first items should be delivered to our clients in mid-May.

Vinayak choudhary

What will be the price of this device?

Hi Vinayak! The price is 119 EUR which includes a 20% the final price and 2 years of Internet connection already included.

Please- what is the price in AMERICAN DOLLARS?

The official price is 136 $ + shipping. Tomorrow only (March 21st) Sherlock will be available at a discounted price (108 $ + shipping) for the first anniversary of the preorders launch. Shipping in 1 week.

Enable shipping to Canada 🙂

Hi Glenn! Unfortunately we are not able to do that at this time. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the availability zones.

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