Sherlock app redesign

We completely redesigned the graphic interface and the map interaction of Sherlock mobile app.
Save more than one bike and add new bikes with a picture, bike model and a serial number.

Preorders are opening very soon on our website and as you get the device, you will be able to match it to the updated app.

Download it now and let us know what you think!

Android >> Download it here

iOS >> Download it here

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Thibault Barbaroux

Do you plan to develop a Windows phone app ?

Hello Thibault,
sorry we missed your comment. Sherlock Bike app is available for Android and iOS devices only and there is no plan to develop a Windows phone app for the moment. Thank you for your request.

Hello, I just pre-ordered the sherlock tracker and wanted to also try out the app before the estimated may delivery.
Unfortunately the Google Play store is telling me I cannot install the app in my country (I’m from Romania).

Is the app currently restricted only to Italy?

Hi Hazi! We are releasing the app also to all other European countries this month. Stay tuned for updates on our blog!

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