Sherlock first boxes and delivery updates

Sherlock boxes are finally here!

In the past weeks we have been working closely with our suppliers to refine the last details on the product and on Sherlock packaging look&feel.

Despite some delay from our suppliers, Sherlock boxes are now ready for assembly!

We just received the pre-production batch of devices and the delivery of the first production batch will start on June 12th.

All pre-ordered devices will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis starting from the first pre-ordered devices.

Hurry up if you haven’t ordered your Sherlock yet! Pre-orders with -20% discount will close on Wednesday 31 May.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peaks of the production and assembly!

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Looks really cool! My son had a bike stolen at college, and it was gone for three weeks, a friend had loaned him a bike, and, my son, didn’t feel comfortable borrowing someone’s favorite bike.
I bought him an $800 Trek F3, then a couple of days after he took his new bike up, he FOUND his other bike behind a dorm. It was easily identifiable by a blue bottle holder.
I’m interested in this for my son’s new bike, as a “Just in Case” it goes missing again.
My only concern is how often does it have to be recharged?
His bike “lives” on college bike racks, with an extra heavy duty lock on it.
He has lighting accessories that have to be recharged frequently, when he is using them.
Please let me know how often this has to be recharged.
I like the fact it goes into the handlebars, BUT could you put it in another tube, on the frame? do you have something like that in the works?

Hello Liz, we are happy to hear that your son got his bike back! Sherlock must be recharged on average once a week and is designed to be installed in the handlebars of the bicycle for better GPS reception. We cannot guarantee its functionality if placed elsewhere.

I would like to purchase this item. My daughters at a university and I’m buying a bicycle. It is very expensive and would like to have ability to be able to track it if it is stolen

Hello Jeanetta, Sherlock is available for sales on this website. It will also be available at retail stores in the USA starting in 2018.

Will this work in Australia?
Will I get the free internet connection in Australia?

What is the price and is there any ongoing cost to use this?

Hello Dan, Sherlock is available in Europe and USA only at the moment.

David Domenichetti

How long does a battery last once you turn it on? Does it work globally and on which GPS Satelite Systems?

Hello David, the battery lasts up to between 1 and 2 weeks on a single charge. Sherlock location services are available in the following countries:

Great was waiting si long for it for my cargobike

Mike Paul Wilson

Great can’t wait!!!

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