We’re going to crowdfunding!

Sherlock is going to be on Indiegogo in May to raise funds to finance the last part of the product development and the production of the first batch of devices.

Every backer will be able to choose his reward, including early-bird offers at a discounted price for the first Sherlocks!

What is crowdfunding?
Dream it. Fund it. Make it. Ship it.
Crowdfunding websites, like Indiegogo, help startups like Sherlock to collect money from supporters to fund their dreams. Backers can contribute by donating an amount of their choice or selecting a reward among the ones offered.

Why do we need money?
We want to bring Sherlock to you! We need to finalize the design of the product, print new prototypes, conduct on-the-road tests and set up the supply chain for the production of the first devices.

Get ready! Sherlock is coming soon, on Indiegogo!

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I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting . deedbkedkddeadeg

I love this idea and want one asap! Looks like I missed the crowdfunding though?

Hi Shaun! Yes, you missed the crowdfunding but we are doing our best to launch Sherlock in 2017. Subscribe to our newsletter to be sure not to miss out!

Looking forward to your crowdfunding efforts. It looks like you are on to a premium product.

Thanks Dan for your support!

How will the data connection be established? Will users need a SIM card for Sherlock?

Hi Skylar! The SIM card will be included in the device so you don’t have to worry about it. In the upcoming crowdfunding campaign we will provide early birds offers with 2 years of connection included, so be sure not to miss out! Subscribe to get the news about the launch https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/1698241/coming_soon

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