#youcandobetter with Sherlock

Last Saturday we set up a little guerrilla marketing experiment in Torino city center.

Here is how it went: we set up a bicycle in front of the most visited museum in Turin, the Museo Egizio. We approached the bicycle one at a time, locking it with multiple locks. The bicycle had a bilingual panel tied to the frame, with “You can do better” and Sherlock website written on it.


We had a lot of fun and collected some positive feedbacks from passers-by.


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Wow classic app! I really wish your company can invent this Kind of app for vehicle. We need this Kind of app in Africa, particularly in Nigeria where i come from, in order to help prevent and reduce the level of vehicle theft. I can market or be a major distributor for your Product in Nigeria and African if your company consider my suggestion. Currently, i am asylum seeker in Germany, however, i am an asylum seeker with much business knowledge and experience. I would be more than happy to get a reply from your fantastic company.

Best Regards,

Hello Momodu, we are currently focusing on bicycle only but we are planning to develop other versions for other purposes in the future. Stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter!

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