Matteo Stoppa

the inspired entrepreneur

I grew up in Ivrea, a city nearby Turin where Adriano Olivetti was born. Olivetti was one of the most relevant social and visionary entrepreneurs in the world, and his life both inspired my personality and guided my choices.

Enrolling in a Biomedical Engineering faculty was my first big challenge at the Politecnico of Torino. I wanted to match my passion for mechanics and electronics with the chance to have an impact on society and improve the life of people. Subsequently, I worked in the aerospace field and in particular for the astronauts health. Finally, I decided to carry on my studies for an Electronic Device PhD program at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

These improvements and specializations are driven by my entrepreneurial spirit. I am willing to take risks and to get my hands dirty when a problem is not easy to solve.

I am a sportsman. I practiced swimming at competitive level since I was a child and more recently I became a swimming coach. My spare time is crowded with music (I am also a saxophonist), reading and hacking tech stuff.

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