Pierluigi Freni

the atypical engineer

My friends say that I am an atypical engineer. Actually, I graduated two years ago as a Materials Engineer. After one year as early stage researcher, I am currently a PhD fellow at Politecnico di Torino.

I deal with environmental issues, in particular Life Cycle Assessment, microalgae and biopolymer packaging. At the same time I am carrying on an independent research and an entrepreneurial project in the biomedical field, focusing on electroactive polymers to create artificial muscles inspired from Nature.

Throughout my life I have always readily welcomed new challenges, contexts and situations. The Alta Scuola Politecnica gave me the opportunity to get in touch with bright and capable people in an international atmosphere. I spent 6 (great) months in Stockholm, for an Erasmus exchange programme at KTH. With no doubt, it was the most important experience I had during my growing path, especially on the human and personal side. In 2014, I attended a 6 months long programme in management, entrepreneurship and fundraising organized by Fondazione CRT. It was a valuable experience that let me get in touch with entrepreneurs and investors.

My spare time is crowded with readings, cinema, theatre, contemporary art, photography and jazz singing. Travelling I discovered the beauty of contamination: the clash of cultures, points of view and different knowledge is the most powerful driver of creativity I have ever experienced.

Reach me at info@sherlock.bike