Stefano Martinallo

the code dreamer

My dreams start with something called main() and they always return… back to the real world.

Some say I am the IT guy. Yep, I sit in the “back-end” and I take care of everything can be written in code: C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Arduino or even Assembly. If you wonder if I can get lost around this bunch of languages I tell you that I can use them among different OSs such as Linux, OSX and also Windows.

If I am who I am today I have to thank the Politecnico di Torino, which introduced me to the C language but even more, I am definitely grateful to Chalmers.
Chalmers has been my daily home during my last year of Master in Computer Engineering in Gothenburg. On top of that, the best experience I have ever had is being part of the system and debugging team in Intel.
In that circumstance I learned the meaning of respecting strict deadlines as well as writing, engineering and reviewing thousands lines of code in a few days. I am passionate of what makes computers look smart. If you are thinking about AI you are definitely right.

I fill my spare time travelling around the world but I would never do it without a piece of classical music on my iPod. I love the sea and if you want to make me happy, bring me to a really hot place, I think Malaysia may be ok 😉

I have a dream, it is called BigG: he lives in Mountain View, CA and sooner or later we will meet. Now people I think it’s time to go back coding… Aho and Corasick are waiting for me. BTW… really nice talking with you.

return Stefano;

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